Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sneak Preview

The other day a huge package arrived -- a loaner from the owner of the canvas that I had in the church art competition several years ago ready to display this month at the Art Bazaar - and it's now photographed and giclee prints are being made - come and see!

Here are a couple of other things I finished - a combination of cotton (cast paper) and silk ("fusion") fiber tiles using my new method of temporary molds to cast words, as well as a large canvas that was started who knows how long ago that I have really enjoyed finishing up. Though as I took it downtown this morning I realized that I had never gone back in and put the attribution for some of the scriptures and quotes - ooops. Maybe it's not quite finished. I've always imagined it in a "floater frame" but since it only just got done and they are much more expensive than I expected, it is currently a "gallery wrap" canvas.
There will be some extra art pieces on display just for the reception on April 12th (4-6 pm). It's a relief good to have everything done -- well, everything that's going to get done for this exhibit, still had one more broadside that I had hopes for, but it will get done soon now that it's back in the "active" pile. Thanks to son Evan for helping get those frames all ready for hanging - not my favorite part of the job.

There are also some new silk mosaics on black, a couple of new calligraphic broadsides, and other misc. including silk pins and hand-screened calligraphic cards. Plus you get to see all the other local artists' stuff that fills the Art Bazaar co-op! It's a free cultural evening out, complete with goodies :)
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