Sunday, April 22, 2012

Resurrecting some more

Another piece from long ago! I found this one, started many years back after a week at Camp Cheerio with Peter Thornton . We did a lot of things with little squares, from putting a letter in each square to using them as backgrounds. So I had done the background and then had written the smaller writing on it, got lost in it all and set it aside for at least 18 years. I pulled it out and sat imagining various ways to put the poem on it larger and readable but somehow fitting into the background. This is what I ended up with and I like it fairly well. It is on display at the Capital Arts "Adult Art Show" - that means the local art club, not "adult" like in the entertainment industry :)
I also finished a commission but I'm not sure I can post it yet since it may not have been presented to the person receiving it as a gift -- but here's the background - its a long story that the customer wants on the wall, so I decided to make it look like a storybook

A Sense of Accomplishment!
It feels really good to have everything on display at the Art Bazaar plus two "new" pieces at CapArts and that commission done. Finally the "to finish someday" pile is much smaller (though not gone - but I had so much fun finishing old things, I think it will be easier to do so in the future).
I am ready to get back to work on tutorials (which should work well as I am prepping for a mini-workshop on casting which should make it easy to get the few photos I'm missing to complete the casting lessons), as well as start another commission and begin my trials of writing with making silk/cotton combo names for etsy (stay tuned for samples)................and if the family is lucky, I might clean the house again one of these days. Maybe.

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