Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fine Art Prints Finally

Windows of Truth
Little Lamb

Four prints are now available locally including these three (so far) also on etsy -- fine art reproductions on 100% rag paper (giclee prints). I'm having trouble getting an image up of the fourth one, it will come eventually, I hope! It's been a learning experience working this out, just a few to start and see if the market is there. And I have a few other things that I will be able to get prints made of "on demand". Hopefully some of those who say they love my work but don't have the money for originals will enjoy the prints.
I'm especially pleased with the "Windows of Truth" reproductions, they really look just like the original.
Even though this process costs more than when getting large numbers printed, I won't have to join those with several hundred prints gathering dust under the bed.

Classes in papercasting and silk fiber fusion at the Art Bazaar are beginning to fill up - after the Gallery Crawl this Friday we might have to add another casting workshop :).Looks like online classes will be next, through Fiber Arts Mixed Media group. These will be done through a forum with lessons posted and participants able to send photos for comment, ask questions, etc.

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