Friday, April 6, 2012

Ancient Art Revisited

For years I've been missing the deadline for the local Artist Club's "Adult Artist Exhibit", so when my friend reminded me AND they extended the deadline, I wanted to try to put something in  -- but of course everything just went to the Art Bazaar......
Time for some more digging - And I found a piece I worked on quite a bit many years ago, in fact I think we might not even have moved to North Carolina yet - which makes it over 20 years (!). I wrote with resist (masking fluid) and because of the colored paper the writing didn't show up well enough so I had tried various things like touching it up with colored pencil . Then when that didn't work and I tried using paint over the letters, because of the pencil it was repelled and made a mess, so I gave it up and put it away.
very old, early effort

Well, many years later I feel much more confident in writing on difficult surfaces. And I figured using a wider pen would let me do a little fixing of those early letters. Unfortunately, it didn't let me change poor spacing, but I still had a great time redoing it and think it's not too bad -
redone as-good-as-it-will-get version
At any rate, I had a fun time coming up with a completed piece in just a couple of hours (plus or minus a couple of decades).

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