Thursday, March 29, 2012

still at it - the Amazing Changing Canvas



If I were smart I could have planned this, but I realized only yesterday how I had all the right conditions for an easy fix ---- because I did the first several layers in acrylic and am now working in gouache, I was able to totally wash off a part I didn't like (it didn't help that I ran my arm through the wet lettering and tried to correct) Take a look at the writing in the upper right section - I like it so much better now! Though in the photos its hard to see why - hopefully when you see the entire piece finished it will be more apparent.
The plan is to have this done, stretched, and to the Art Bazaar - though it won't make it with my other things on  Monday to start getting my art up for the "Featured Artist for April" (waiting for stretcher bars to come). I've given up on one of the pieces I planned to finish but I think everything else is going to make it AND for the first time I've ordered some giclee prints of four pieces  to see if there is interest. Everything should be there before the reception on the 12th -- and there will be cookies!

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