Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fiber Exhibit at Capital Arts

Today I took four pieces and some pins to the Capital Arts gallery for their annual fiber exhibit - "Weave a Vision" is the name (I think!) and it will be up until early April. As usual, I was rushing to get everything done and framed - I had to cannibalize another frame because somehow my box of d-rings to hold the wire on the back had an uneven number left and I was short one.
If I ever make big bucks, the first thing I'll do (after getting an accountant) is hire someone to do the framing.

My very favorite was the "Garden" piece that only got finished today -

I gave up on finding a title for the rather wild round one, made by putting silk "fusion" over basket reed. It's definitely colorful.

One piece is "pulp painting" with added pieces of cast paper plus writing with pens and gold foil - art that has been on display in St. Louis that I retrieved last Saturday.
Then there's a smaller silk one that is squares within squares, and a batch of silk pins.

Now I can get on to other things - like catching up on the casting tutorials and back to finishing pieces for the Art Bazaar "Featured Artist" display coming up. I'm getting better at achieving the results I want with the silk fusion and having fun mixing it with paper casting. Some of the silk "tiles" I did to look quilt-like may end up in a piece that's more like Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass design - whichever way ti turns out, it will be at the Art Bazaar in  April.

So, if you are in Jefferson City, head over to Capital Arts and see the fiber art! Reception is Sunday March 10, 1-4 p.m. if you want to meet artists (though I probably won't be there - but I will be at the reception and awards ceremony for the International Church Art Competition in Salt Lake City on March 16)

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  1. Stunning work! That pulp painting is very interesting, and love your pins. All your colors are scrumptious. I live following other mixed media, so happy to follow you.