Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Calligraphy in exhibit goes online

Art Exhibit goes online You can see the entire exhibit with great features for zooming in and out and moving around to see detail, so if you want to get a close look and read the lettering, here you are (click on the beginning phrase above). AND you can vote for your favorite...... You can see the whole exhibit or scan the bottom row or go alphabetically till "Joan Merrell" for the piece entitled "All Things Denote There is a God"

The background was done with a technique learned in a Randall Hasson workshop at a calligraphy conference using watered down acrylics and unevenly applied medium. The writing is acrylic inks - often watered down or blotted off -  and gouache and some colored pencil. The gouache was sturdier than I expected through many rollings and unrollings of the canvas.  The bottom writing on the water was washed off and redone a couple of times - and unanticipated bonus of finding gouache easier to handle writing over acrylic. Most of the writing was done with metal pen nibs. The writing all around the edge was added in by tracing it on with Saral transfer paper after working it out in pencil, and then using colored pencil plus more watery paints around it to help it stand out.

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