Monday, February 6, 2012

One Down.........

Looks like I might make at least part of my goal of completing unfinished works for my "Featured Artist" month at the Art Bazaar in March. I've complete two works (OK, one is still going to get some fine-tuning - hoping to bring a few more islands of legibility to the above) and have another well on its way.
That leaves a hope for finishing two large canvases and a silk mosaic. Plus doing a few small paying jobs along the way. And baking bread. Of course, my house isn't as clean as it might be and the sewing project is languishing, but I've rediscovered the joy of lettering that had somehow been forgotten.
Here's the finishing touch -the raised gold - on the "found and resurrected" piece shown in earlier posts. I'm going to call it "Family Tapestry", it's 22x29 inches on watercolor paper.

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