Friday, February 10, 2012

Just heard! Passed 2nd round of judging!

I received a lovely letter on pretty stationary but electronically as a pdf, how's that for the new world we live in? My piece has made it out of 1156 entries in the 9th International Art Competition for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and will be on display in the Church History Museum in Salt Lake City from March 16 through October 14. Friends and family are invited to the artists' reception on March 16th, awards at 6, goes until 9. Guess its time I put a photo or two out there- though you have to be there in person and close to read any of the writing in the waterfall, I think.

This piece was started several years ago when I got into working on canvas, and even exhibited once sewn onto a backing as a banner so I could roll it up and take to Canada, but I was never happy with it, especially the parts that got done in a hurry as I usually need a deadline to finish. So for a long time I had wanted to try again. I actually reworked quite a bit of it - probably the white writing in the sun was the only thing I really loved and didn't touch at all. Taking painting class helped me figure out some of the things I didn't like (and the water at the bottom had the writing redone about three times over). Now that its mounted and framed I hope I don't think of more things I wish were different! But I guess the judges in SLC liked it. Can't thank Tom Schulte enough for the beautiful woodwork.

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