Thursday, May 17, 2012

Silk Fusion is Fun (not to mention gorgeous)

Here are a few notes and photos from an all-day silk fusion workshop. It is in the process (like papercasting) of being made into an online course through the LinkedIn group FAMM (fiber and mixed media). They will be six-week courses with step-by-step lessons in a forum where you can post photos, ask questions, etc. Most likely I will post all the lessons at once so you can move faster if you like.
 Of course, I'm always happy to travel to teach, as well.
Silk Workshop in  Jefferson City MO

Meanwhile, here in Jefferson City, a great group of ladies managed to complete five different projects in a day. This let them experience various ways you can make and use silk fusion (it's like paper, and sort of like fabric, but technically not either one).
They made a sheet of it big enough to sew and embellish as a small purse (or for a wall hanging or other uses), and a sculpted bowl, two or three or four or five pins (brooches), a couple of ornaments (or earrings!), and put silk designs behind a glass plate. Whew! no wonder I'm worn out!

laying down fibers for silk fusion at the Art Bazaar
Here's a participant laying out silk fibers on nylon net to make a sculpted bowl.
After two or three layers, more netting or tulle is put on top.
making silk "paper" or fusion
The silk has to be wet down with soapy water to break the resistance to absorption
silk fusion being made in Jefferson City MO

Here's a shallow bowl nearly dry, she was looking to make it like wood and decided maybe the silk ended up more like leather, but we all loved it however you describe it.
silk fiber bowl
Here are a few of the pins
silk fusion pins drying
silk fusion pin being created

and a pin being created by "smooshing" the fiber "bat" into a mold.

Silk fusion can be sewn on, painted, cut and glued or sewn together, worn or hung on a wall or made into masks or flowers or pins or collars or cards..... I recommend the book "Take Silk" if you'd like to learn more. For other examples of fusion, like covered frames, mosiacs, etc, go to "fiberscribe"  gallery on the website.

I'm hoping some of the participants will share their finished products when everything dries and gets embellished with wires and beads and whatever else this creative group is likely to come up with.
If you feel you missed out, there will be another Art Bazaar silk fusion class in the fall, you can get on the list now to be notified when it gets closer.

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