Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Old and The New, an update.

filling the narrow areas in a paper casting mold made from polymer clay
New - online classes being prepped, the first ever classes held at the local Art Bazaar off to a great start, and more tutorials almost ready to post (the class gave me a chance to get the photos I was missing - hard to take a picture of yourself cutting molds).
calligraphy in gouache and (I think - its been a while) sumi ink
And another 'aged" piece was discovered in the flat file, this one was finished, and originally was going to be part of a pair along with "Halfway Up the Stairs" which was done and sold years ago. I'm not sure why this one got put in the bottom of the drawer. Maybe I was just tired after trying many versions. I kind of like it, maybe it will rate a frame now.

New and Old? another diploma for my favorite Academy, they graduate the very best students! This diploma is mostly like the previous ones but hopefully tailored for the individual.
personalized calligraphy

 And I sold a piece I did not all that long ago, its a fairly large canvas.
calligraphy on canvas, acrylics and gouache and photo transfer

 I guess the fact that the house is my great-grandfather's and the little girl my grandmother should have clued me in that a relative might be interested :) And I've finally gotten connected to a good place in town to take professional photos and make reproductions, so they will be available.

AND I'm finally trying out writing on oil paints, seems to be workable so far,
oil paint blocked in
this is a view before it got blended a bit, next time you see it, there should be scriptures (think Living Water) all over it - hopefully - the master plan is to glaze and glaze so the writing seems in the water, could work......

Now if I could just get a maid and a cook I could get so much done! oh, a laundry lady would be nice too.

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