Thursday, June 28, 2012

All Good Things Must Come to an End

I wish I had a few more pics of  how this display morphed over the weeks, but finally someone was ready to take on the space with new art-- my "April" month display for "Featured Artist" at the Art Bazaar lasted until this last week! I think I got my share of exhibit space plus. Guess the stuff that came home will be going on etsy soon. Except for the "Bromeliad" piece which now belongs to my son Evan.
If you look closely there are lots of frogs in it -- if you haven't read "The Bromeliad" by Terry Pratchett, you should. I'm waiting for someone to realize what a great pair of movies it would make. (there are three parts, but the last two happen concurrently so they'd have to be in one big movie) It's got everything - fantasy, science fiction, philosophy, romance, and its hilarious to boot.

And the papercast tower that shows in the corner of the top photo now looks much better with a beautiful wooden base by Tom Schulte. I seem to have lost the photos, maybe later.....

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