Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bridal Show

December 29th was my first shot at being in a bridal show to spread the word about calligraphy for weddings and events.

One reason was that the News-Tribune Bridal Show at Capital Plaza was the first I've seen in the area that was not held on a Sunday.
My daughters were invaluable as designer (Bethany) and saleslady (Jenny). Kyle (son-in-law) was of major assistance getting the banner painted and hung. One of the fun things I did was write out people's name in white as a sample of the writing they could have on their invitations.

It was good to have a deadline to get new business cards, the banner, and an informative flier all done. Thank goodness for the banner, since we had all sorts of lighting equipment behind us! I'm currently working on a wedding monogram job that came from the show, we'll see what else happens as wedding dates get closer.


  1. These are impressive articles. Keep up the sunny handiwork.

  2. Absolutely love the modern look. I really enjoyed the information. Thank you for a marvelous blog post.

  3. Thanks for the tutorial.....and I highly commend you for not wanting to participate in the Sunday Wedding Show...over here they are all on Sunday.